Serving the Verdict...Urban Skin Rx

Urban Skin RX: Serving the Verdict

mo melanin mo problems. hyper-pigmentation is one of the leading skin issues amongst poc due to our high melanin levels. it can be caused by exposure to the sun, hormones, hair removal (waxing, laser,shaving etc.), medication or the byproduct of acne. battling hyper-pigmentation can be hard, dermatologists are expensive and to make matters worse, many don’t specialize in dealing with darker complexion skin. for the past few weeks here at s.y.t. we’ve been testing the brand urban skin rx, the so called “melanin experts,” who have been making waves for their products' focus on hyper-pigmentation and evening skin tone. available both online and target, it won essence magazine’s 2018 best in black beauty award. so scroll below where we "serve our truth" on whether these products are worth the hype!   



Urban Skin RX Even Tone Cleansing Bar: Serving the Verdict.jpg

serving the verdict...evening tone cleansing bar

urban skin rx’s best seller the ‘evening tone cleansing bar’ is one of our favorite out of the trio of products we tried. enclosed in a jar the cleanser is eerily very similar to african black soap. the concept reduces bacteria growth on the surface of the product. one thing we absolute loved was the sponge included to make application easier, and feel like your getting the days gunk off your face. not only did the product reduce breakouts but it noticeably made discoloration less visible.

fragrance: 5

effectiveness: 8

overall: 6.5

highlight ingredients

  • kojic acid: derived from mushrooms, kojic acid penetrates layers of your skin stopping the production of melanin. works great for hyper-pigmentation, however it should be used in small amounts

  • azelaic acid: research has proven this ingredient can help reduce skin blemishes and reduce acne scarring and other sorts of discoloration. Although it can be derived from grains it is usually lab engineered to ensure stability.

  • niacinamide: (vitamin b6 and nicotinic acid) restores skin by improving the appearance of enlarged pores, uneven skin tone and dullness.

additional comments:

  • good value

  • comes with sponge for easy application

  • soap cleanser is in a jar to reduce amount of bacteria grown on surface

  • low maintenance

  • effective

Price: $24.00  (

Urban Skin RX Even Tone Night Treatment: Serving the Verdict.jpg

serving the verdict... evening tone night treatment


fragrance: 5

effectiveness: 9

overall: 7

highlight ingredients:

  • retinol: helps accelerate skin renewal for evenly-toned skin

  • kojic acid: derived from mushrooms, kojic acid penetrates layers of your skin stopping the production of melanin. works great for hyper-pigmentation, however it should be used in small amounts

  • hydroquinone 2%: one of the most common used agents for skin lightening, hydroquinone can be helpful in treating different types of hyper-pigmentation. however, its use has been rather controversial up until recently, it works by decreasing the amount of melanocytes (producer of melanin), over time discoloration should improve.

additional comments

  • rather expensive

  • effective

  • a little goes a long way

Price: $68.00 (



Urban Skin RX Super C Brightening Serum: Serving the verdict.jpg

serving the verdict... super c brightening serum

fragrance: 4

effectiveness: 7

overall: 7

highlight ingredients:

  • i-ascorbic acid: pure vitamin c derived from natural sources is activate in collagen production reducing photo-damage caused by UV rays

  • ferulic acid: found in the seeds of fruit, this ingredient can help reduce the signs of aging

  • ahyaluronic acid: hydrates the skin helping to retain its moisture

  • alpha arbutin: found in products such as wheat and the leaves of blueberries this ingredient stops the production of melanin

additional comments

  • Expensive

  • Effective

  • smells very medicinal

Price: $58.00 for 1 fl oz ( )

*it is important to acknowledge that the act of using skin lightening agents to achieve a lighter complexion is not something that we here at s.y.t condone. we created this site to encourage you to love the skin your in and teach you how to care for it. remember theres no definition of beauty, beauty is a social construct.

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