Let it Flourish: Part 1



By Candyce Akanno

Ladies, lets talk about one of the most frightening things imaginable, hair loss! It seems like more than ever we are hearing horror stories about our sistas missing their edges from damaging hairstyles. Although there are many other reasons that can be attributed to hair loss, such as vitamin deficiencies or simply genes, the most preventable form is the management of our own hair. Let’s not forget to take into account the work of hairstylists pulling our hair back into super tight ponytails and braids, putting pressure on the hairline. Just a reminder, protective styles don’t need to be tight to be neat and beautiful, the misconception that tight is right is causing some serious damage. Our best advice, STOP before your edges are literally snatched and start protecting your hair to prevent further damage.  

Here are two tips to help keep your hair strong and flourishing.

1. Take a Break from Braids or Any Other Hair Pulling Styles. If you are experiencing hair loss especially around your edges, it may be a sign its time to try something new and less damaging to your hairline. There are various different styles that reduce the amount of pull on your hair, YouTube and Instagram are excellent sources of inspo to get creative with your next look!

2. Wash & Cut.  Next time you wash your hair make sure you are not forgetting the scalp, failing to do so can prevent hair growth. A clean scalp goes a long way! Also, don’t be afraid of the scissors, getting your ends trimmed regularly removes split ends another proven cause of hair loss. Keeping your ends smooth and damage free will encourage growth.

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