Maskin & Multitasking

SYT is giving you no excuses when it comes to taking time for a little rest & relaxation. Often we get so caught up in life and the expectations that we have placed on ourselves we compromise our own health & wellbeing. Masking is the perfect way to not only take a little time for yourself but a great way to realign and replenish. Here’s our list of productive things to do while you recharge!

  1. Create a vision board

  2. Stalk your crush

  3. Meditate

  4. FaceTime an old friend

  5. Listen to top hits from ’07 (very nostalgic)

  6. Binge watch Insecure

  7. Cook dinner

  8. Have a dance party

  9. Tell yourself how beautiful you are

  10. Hatch a plan on how to save the world

  11. Paint your nails

  12. Watch your 1000th YouTube video

  13. Deep condition your hair

  14. Clean your room

  15. Take care of that laundry that is sitting in the corner (we don’t judge)

  16. Look in the mirror and tell yourself your a badass

  17. Turn boo’d up to mask’d up (why should you be the only one with flourishing skin)

  18. Call someone and tell them how important they are to you

  19. Work on that business plan

  20. Set your goals & intentions for the next day

  21. Discover a new artist 

  22. Shave your legs (100% optional)

  23. Tell your best friend why your thankful for them

  24. Research the ingredients in your mask 

  25. Plan a workout with friends

  26. Figure out who inspires you 

  27. Check the news 

  28. Snap your masking process

  29. Read a book

  30. Get to that homework or work your dreading 

  31. Order takeout

  32. Hatch a plan for domination

  33. Evaluate where you think you could improve on your health + wellbeing 

  34. Have slumber party (girl time!)

  35. Find a way to get involved with a charitable organization

  36. Write down your goals on a piece of paper and put it in your bag

  37. Fix that broken light

  38. Watch a movie

  39. Go out to the grocery store (cause who cares what everybody thinks)

  40. Clean the fridge

  41. Organize your closet

  42. Look through old photos that remind you of a period of time where you felt unstoppable 

  43. Plan your dream life

  44. Speak everything you want out of life into existence

  45. Stretch

  46. Listen to a podcast (we suggest GirlBoss)

  47. Reconnect with someone you haven’t spoken to in awhile

  48. Appreciate your being 

  49. Take the time to appreciate the things around you

  50. Be still 

Rechelle DennisComment