What is Rosewater and What is its Benefits?

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By Brooklyn White

During the summer, my holistic homie Bre invited me over for a girls night. We were chilling and watching Netflix, but she could tell that something was up with me. I was anxious (for no real reason) and my energy reflected it. Bre whipped out a small, pink bottle and spritzed it in the air surrounding. I soon found out that she had misted me with rose water. I was familiar with it, but this was a reintroduction of sorts. 

Rose water is as simple as it sounds. It’s what’s left after rose petals have been distilled with steam, according to Dana Oliver for Huffington Post. Oliver also shared that rose water is “often found in facial sprays, toners, moisturizers, [and] makeup removers...having ancient homeopathic roots...”. I personally use it on my face after washing and before moisturizing. It keeps me feeling fresh. 

The product is thought by many to have originated in present day Iran. It is the location of the Rosa x damascena, a variety of rose that’s still in high demand. As read on Stories + Objects, “studies...claim that due to the...conditions in the Qamsar fields, the flower has a higher concentration of the essence necessary to make the finest and most sought after rose water in the world.”. Also, a scientist named Avicenna created the process by which rose water is made in Persia in the the 1200s. These facts combined have forever changed the way we consume roses. 


Benefits of rosewater include mood enhancement, antibacterial effects, digestive aid. I can attest to the mood enhancement - I was super stressed and after a few sprays, I felt more infinitely more at peace. I had stopped smoking weed, so I was searching for a natural way to unwind. Rose water was it. Another positive is that it prevents acne. It’s perfect for sensitive skin, and writer Meenal Rajapet revealed that the blend removes extra oil from your face. Additionally, it can heal acne by encouraging the healing of scarred tissue


I was first exposed to rose water while living in New York City in 2017. I saw a video of the process of making it and tried it for myself. After moving back to my hometown, I then started purchasing the premade version from Drug Emporium (and it’s very affordable). I’ve since used it in multiple different forms, including adding oil to it to give it different uses. My current favorite is mixing it with tea tree oil. 


Rose water is a powerful, ancient tool that has helped my body and peace of mind. I’m grateful for it and I appreciate how accessible it is. It doesn’t matter if you’re on a budget or not, you can get your hands on some rose water. You won’t be sorry. 

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