Hannah's Truth

Tell me about yourself. 

Hannah: I am 20 years old and still trying to find my place in the world. I moved to Los Angeles when I was 17 for school, graduated early and currently work part-time in retail and part-time as a freelance print model. I am self-driven, and a ‘go-getter’. When there’s something I want or need to do, I put my all into it. I’m a bit of a perfectionist which can be seen as both positive and a negative, but I take pride in my work as a model and I want to deliver nothing but the best.

Have you ever felt left out of the beauty conversation?

Hannah: There have been many times where I felt left out of the beauty conversation. Part of being a model is literally having someone choose you solemnly based on your looks (i.e. height, complexion, skin, hair) and features and if you aren’t picked, you obviously feel like you weren’t good enough for the job. I had to grow tough skin to be apart of the industry which means I had to accept my height for what it is, I had to accept my moles and freckles and slightly bigger pores. I had to accept myself and learn to love myself in order to not feel left out. Now if I don’t get picked for a photo shoot or an agency decides not to sign me I take it as a loss for them! They lost out on me and because I wasn’t picked doesn’t mean I won’t have other opportunities given to me. 

How important has community been for you?

Hannah: The black community has always been and will be very important to me. It’s important that black women uplift one another and black men give one another strength. If we don’t, no one will. The black community is important to me because it’s my culture. It’s not only how I was raised but how our mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers were all raised and how we will raise our kids. Our community has the potential to be strong, courageous, bold and powerful if we stick together to make it happen. Once we start loving ourselves, everyone else will follow. 

What's the best piece of advice you have ever received?

Hannah: The best advice I’ve ever received was “this, too, shall pass”. My mother would always say this when she was going through tough times and I found comfort in that saying. It taught me that no matter what happens in my life, I will soon overcome it. It taught me that nothing good will last forever but to take in the good moments and the bad will soon be washed away. 

What makes you feel unstoppable?

Hannah: Love makes me feel unstoppable. Being loved and having the support system to back me up in anything that I do is what keeps me pushing. Doing great things and putting a smile on my loved one's faces and hearing how proud they are of me and my accomplishments gives me the warmest feeling and nothing could compare. Love is supporting one another and acknowledging efforts and pushing someone to do their best. That is why love makes me feel unstoppable.

What is your self-care routine?

Hannah: My self-care routine is probably a lot like others. I will take a day where I blast Blonded Radio on Apple music, let my hair out, massage my scalp, deep condition, shave my legs and put on my favorite clay mask. Doing this keeps me busy for a few hours, relaxes me but also makes me feel productive at the same time! My self care routine is all about not doing anything that would strain me yet staying active in the things I enjoy doing. I love music! I mostly listen to R&B, some electric/soul, some pop and rock here and there. 

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