Candace's Truth

Tell me about yourself.

Candace: My name is Candace and I am a Black woman. I am a Communications major studying to become a public relations specialists.

What is your side hustle?

Candace: I am really good at helping people find things for a great price. Let’s say one of my friends needs a specific wig or outfit, I can find it for a good price!

What are your beauty struggles?

Candace: I have super sensitive skin. I don’t really wear makeup because it breaks my skin out. I can only use natural products on my skin. I also drink a lot of hot tea before bed to keep my skin radiant. I struggle to find beauty products for my hair! My hair is extremely curly so it is hard to find products that keep my hair tamed. I also struggle to find foundation that matches my skin tone because the undertones are always off. I usually buy a couple different shades of foundation then mix them together to find a shade that matches my skin tone.

What does beauty mean to you?

Candace: Beauty is being comfortable in your own skin. People may not like me because I am skinny or wear a size 0. They may think thicker girls are beautiful, but I am perfectly comfortable with what I look like. I wear what I want because I am comfortable with who I am. Being comfortable with myself makes me feel beautiful.

Do you think beauty is political for people of color?

Candace: Yes, beauty is very political for women of color. For the longest time, people thought you had to look a certain way to be beautiful or successful or powerful. Black people are so diverse. We come in so many different variations and that makes us beautiful.

What is your self-care routine?

Candace: I start every day with prayer. During prayer, I feel like I can just release anything that is weighing me down. Talking to God makes me feel really positive. I also really like the @livefearlessandblessed (FAB) online Bible study and group chat. The ladies in the group are so uplifting. I also reach out to the FAB founder, Christen, for 1 on 1 support. She is a really great person to have in your corner! I love listening to music also! My favorite song right now is Moments by Jhene Aiko.

As a woman of color, what do you want the beauty industry to know?

Candace: I want the beauty industry to know that Black women are humans. We are beautiful and powerful and capable. Right now “Black is Beautiful” is a trend, but what happens when the so-called trend ends? Are brands going to go back to ignoring us and excluding us? No matter whether others support us or not, women of color will succeed because we are educated and talented.

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