Samantina's Truth


SYT: Tell us about yourself.

Samantina: My name is Samantina Zénon, I am from Haïti, and I am passionate about expressing myself through art.


SYT: Have you ever struggled with your perception of beauty?

Samantina: Yes, when I first came to America, I lived in Worcester, Massachusetts where the population was predominately white and hispanic. I remember how some of the hispanic kids in my class would place their arms next to mine to compare our complexions and would say,“oh that’s ugly,” all because I was not their skin color. 

SYT: What is your personal definition of beauty?

Samantina: My personal definition of beauty is being comfortable in your own skin and being outgoing. In my experiences when I am having a good time the people around me want to join.

SYT: Do you have a side hustle? If so tell us all about it.

Samantina: Yes, I have many side hustles! I live in New York so I have to have many jobs. I work as a promotional model and hostess at live events. I get to work at events and meet really cool people, and most of all I set my own schedule.

SYT: Has your acting career ever made you feel inadequate? If so, how did you overcome the feeling of inadequacy?

Samantina: Absolutely! When I first decided to take my acting career seriously I did not know a lot of things and had no guidance so I always felt insecure when auditioning. After taking more acting classes and working with different scene partners i found my own voice, so now when i go to auditions, i tell my own version.

SYT: What advice would you give to other girls on pursuing their dreams? 

Samantina: I would tell other girls to be their own motivator and be very passionate about their dreams. Your passion is your purpose! Everybody you meet will not be a supporter but learn to let them go and move on. Never get too attached. 

SYT: What products do you have on your bathroom sink?

Samantina: As a social media  influencer I get to try out products and review them for brand awareness, so I don’t spend much on beauty products. The only thing I really buy consistently is makeup removal which can total up to $60 a year.

SYT: What do you stand for?

Samantina: I am really against child abuse, I think that there is a huge difference between discipling and abusing a child. Abusive parents are predators and automatically set their kid up for failure. Being a parent requires a lot patience and some people should just not be parents.


SYT: Top 5 beauty products you can’t live without.

Samantina: Makeup remover wipes, overnight face cream, lipsticks, primer and highlighters.

SYT: If you could go back in time and give your future self advice, what would it be?

Samantina: I would tell my future self to create the person you want to be and go out and tell your story!

SYT: Anything else you would like us to know?

Samantina: I am currently looking for an agent or manager, any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. 

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