All Natural: The Do's and Don't You Dare's of Natural Hair

Don't you even dare sis! PERIODT!

by Shina Smith

Don’t: Wash your hair daily

Why? Your hair produces its own oils which then travels down the hair shaft and keeps it moisturized, which helps with growth!

Do: Wash your hair either weekly, biweekly, or longer depending on how oily your scalp gets. Be sure to use moisturizing shampoos that are sulfate free!

Don’t: Towel dry your hair

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Why? Towel drying your hair can lead to hair breakage, and also seriously damage your strands!

Do: Use a cotton t-shirt to dry your hair. This will help retain moisture and prevent any unnecessary damage to your hair.

Don’t: Use products that contain alcohol or sulfates

Why? Products that are made with alcohol, from hair sprays to gels and edge controls, are extremely drying to the hair. Sulfates, while loosening the grease and sebum from your hair and scalp, cam be highly irritating for those with sensitive skin. Overuse of sulfates has been linked to organ toxicity, ecotoxiocology, and skin irritation. If you still plan on using shampoo with sulfates, please use them sparingly.

Do: Use all-natural products that have ingredients that you are familiar with.

Don’t: Get your hair done in someone’s house

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Why? While I am definitely encourage supporting your friends and their businesses, getting your hair done by them is not always the best decision. Most of the time, they are unlicensed. While this is fine for natural hair in certain states, in others it is illegal. Also, if something happens to your hair, such as an allergic reaction, your hair falling out or any injury to your scalp, you’re liable, and not the stylist. Protect yourself and your scalp by going to reputable stylists!

Do: Find a stylist using the internet! We live in a digital world, so why can’t you use that to find the right stylist for you? Use resources like Instagram, Google searches, and Twitter to find stylists, but always use Yelp or any other review service to filter out any amateurs.

Don’t: Give up! Whether you’ve just done the big chop or you have zero idea what style you want next, don’t give up on being natural!

Do: Look for inspiration on Pinterest, Instagram, and the like. Find some styles that you like and use those as style guides until you gain your confidence back!

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