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Have you ever heard of the Pink Tax? It’s a patriarchal by-product where women pay more than men for almost every single product. Thankfully razors no longer fall under this tax because of a brand called Billie. It’s a subscription-based service that mails quality, shaving razors straight to your door– sans the Pink Tax. For $9, you get a Billie razor, a magnetic holder, and 2 refillable cartridges. Not only do we love Billie’s affordable razors, we also really like their new shaving campaign #ProjectBodyHair. It’s the FIRST shaving advertisement that shows women with actual body hair. The ad shows women with hair in all the places hair normally grows. This movement toward acceptance of natural human body chemistry is a win for women across the world. Check it out below and remember “However, whenever, if ever, you want to shave, Billie will be there.”


Photos and video courtesy of billie

Olamide OloweComment