Favour Jonathan's Black Hair Series

By Serve Your Truth

Black women's hair is easily one of the most political topics in the world. Our hair is policed and ridiculed because it defies gravity. Favour Jonathan, a young artist from Nigeria, created a photo series depicting different Black hairstyles because she was always being questioned about her hair. Serve Your Truth interviewed Favour to learn more about her powerful artwork.

Tell me about yourself.

Favour: My Name is Favour. I’m from Edo State Nigeria. I’m also a student ambassador for the University of the Arts Central Saint Martins. My aspiration in life is to make as much of a difference in life as possible, to make people happy. 

Why did you create the photo series? What was your inspiration?

Favour: I created the photo series because I was always being questioned about my hair all the time. I wanted to show the diversity of black women's hair–the beauty and tradition. By capturing the different range, I hoped to show that policing our hair is pointless. The different styles doesn’t stop us from working or learning.  The work also talks about representation in the media, some of the hairstyles were inspired by different films, actress and musicians.

What was your favorite hairstyle?

Favour: My favorite hairstyle would be cornrow’s because it's quick easy, beautiful and makes you feel badass!

Are you working on any other pieces?

Favour: I’m currently carrying on with my usual thinking through painting, creating sculptures and I’m collaborating with 2 photographers on a short film. Other than that I’m getting ready for my final year at university.


You can keep up with Favour via Instagram at @br0wnn_sugar

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