5 Makeup Artists You Should Be Following

5 Makeup Artists You Should Be Following.jpg

By Brooklyn White

Makeup is an artform. It’s akin to painting a portrait or taking a slab of marble and carving something out that wasn’t there before. There are many different ways to dress up a blank canvas, but if you’re a professional, then the way to do it is well. This short list was compiled with great care, as I know that there are many popular makeup artists. This fact has become more evident as social media makes it that much easier to put your work out there. These artists are witch-adjacent when it comes to their ability to blend, contour, outline, and fill in. Check out Serve Your Truth’s compilation of makeup artists that you need to be following.



Domyenn has been around for years at this point - I’ve been keeping up with her beats since 2016. Her brows are usually fluffed and filled, maybe with a slit for a thuggish ruggish addition to her look of the day. She has turned a passion for beauty blogging into a money move, too, her company, Slayer Hair Co., has become the luxury virgin hair brand to watch. What a woman.



Sage White

Maliibu Miitch’s #1 makeup artist is Sage White and if you’ve been paying attention to Miitch’s gorgeous visages, you’ll understand exactly why. White is a hilarious, honest artist (seriously, check her Twitter), who has worked with modern divas such as Kali Uchis, Duckie Thot, Kehlani, and Leaf. Heavily influenced by the looks of the late Aaliyah, but still all her own, Sage mixes old Hollywood glamour and fresh, current approaches to serve up some of the most interesting faces on my timeline. 



Alissa Ashley

“Who’s that bald headed makeup chick [whose] lips be looking mad delicious?” is the accurate Twitter header of none other than Alissa Ashley. What I appreciate about her is that she has her foundation matches her skin tone (I know that seems small, but you’d be surprised) and her skin care is on fleekington. She’s racked up nearly one million followers and has recreated looks by Rihanna and Twiggy. Last October, Ashley released a collaborative lip gloss with E.L.F. Cosmetics



Karin Jinsui

When Karin Jinsui talked to Taylor Winter Wilson for Galore, she shared her favorite high end and drugstore product. “My favorite high end product would have to be Marc Jacobs Coconut primer. It’s the perfect base for your makeup and makes your skin so smooth and silky. My favorite drug store product is Maybelline Mega Plush Volume Express Mascara. It’s very affordable and it’s the best mascara I’ve ever used. I use it every day.” The Harlemite YouTuber compliments her face by rocking fresh fits. 



Raisa Thomas

The first time I met Raisa Thomas, she was prepping my friend Abbi Press for a show. She was quick, careful, and her set up was extensive. The artist and model was kind to me (she offered me a service free of charge without making a big deal about it) and I never forgot it. Nearly three years later, Thomas has worked with club babes Kelela and Junglepussy, and has a huge portfolio full of work with her muse, Alees Yvon.