i am a (womb)man

i am a (womb)man.

it’s beautiful what a (womb)man knows, intuitively.

gut wisdom.

it’s unfortunate that we beat ourselves up to hide that knowing.

It hurts our earth how much society creates a structure that wants, SO badly, to have us submit

to, and hand over, our power.

when, in reality, it is only US who can translate and transmute the way experiences in this

dimension should be translated and transmuted.

WE: hold the wisdom to create and enforce real, impactful, deep rooted change.

WE: hold the power to be able to reverse.

men: create balance.

as we rise, THEY uplift.

and when we need rest, they lend out a helping hand.

THEY’VE learned.

THEY work with, and not against.

Nature... runs its course.

elevation is a result.

wiggle your toes and open your eyes.

it is not feminism.

it is not black and white.

it is not one against the other,

it is yin & yang.

- danielle c. henry, Let’s Talk Food

Rechelle Dennis