Cacharel's Truth

SYT: Tell us about yourself? 

Cacharel: My name is Cacharel Canai Coach and I am 18 years old and was born and raised on Long Island, New York. I am African-American and love to travel, sing, workout, and all around just have fun. I am also a model which I have been doing since I was three years old. I have a serious relationship with God and currently studying Business marketing with a minor in fashion. I plan on attending Law school to be a civil rights lawyer because of my passion to help people specifically the youth here in America. I want to do as much as I can to assist with improving my community and the injustices that African-Americans face. My passion also extends to the beauty and the fashion industry, where I want to empower, educate, and engage young women in practicing self love. In all I am just a young creative person who loves God trying to navigating through life to see where I fit!

SYT: What are your beauty struggles?

Cacharel: Growing up one of my main beauty struggles was my height and being taller than all of my friends and peers. I had to learn how to accept my height and be comfortable within my own body leading me to one of my main passions, modeling. Another beauty struggle I had growing up was accepting my melanin. Being of a darker complexion I had to learn the best products suited for my skin and how to apply them. Although there are a couple of high end brands that cater to darker skinned women affordable darker shades are limited and I am usually one of the last shades offered by most makeup companies. Unfortunately, we still have a long way to go. 

SYT Scenario: Your on your way to the Met Gala and your stranded in traffic which would make you miss your glam session... but thank god you have these 5 products that you always carry with you. What would they be?


1. Fenty Beauty Foundation

2. Anastasia dip brow promade

3. Lip-gloss

4. Mascara 

5. Setting powder 

SYT: What is your definition of beauty?

Cacharel: Beauty doesn't have a definition to me. True beauty is reflected in one's soul, being truthful, honest, helpful, and trustworthy. Smiling at others even when you are having a bad day, complimenting someone and meaning it, spending time with family and friends, kindness, and overall being the best person that you can be. Beauty reflects whats on the inside and a combination of different aspects.

SYT: Have you ever felt left out of the beauty industry?

Cacharel: Yes, when all of these makeup companies weren't (some still aren't) catering to dark skin woman. It still saddens me that there is such a limited amount of brands that cater to woman of all shades. 

SYT: Best piece of advice in the realm of beauty you would give to another women of color as she navigates through life?

Cacharel: You are beautiful no matter what society tells you. If you build yourself and your confidence level up you won’t need anyone to tell you that. Beauty begins from within, I always say beauty doesn't judge. Also learn how to do things on your own so you wouldn't need help from anyone else.

SYT: You can only wear one lipstick color for the rest of your life, what would it be? 

Cacharel: Nude because it goes with everything. 

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