Beverly's Truth

SYT: Tell us about yourself.
Bev: Hi! My name is Beverly Coleman and I am from Dallas, Texas. I am a curly headed, natural, black woman that is all about self love and self confidence. I have many passions in life and I am currently pursuing them all (which is very stressful). I am currently a graduate student getting my Master’s Degree in Psychology. I am also a YouTuber, blogger, social media influencer,signed model and an advocate for many things. I believe that the one life I have to live should be lived to the fullest, which means living out as many dreams as I can.

SYT: Have you ever struggled with your perception of beauty?

Bev: When I was in middle school and high school, I somewhat struggled. It was very on and off. Although my hair has always been natural and never permed, I went back and forth on how I thought people would like my hair and not necessarily how I liked it myself. I have always had a very round nose, I use to be so upset and annoyed when people told me it was big. I never had big breast or was curvy (still not lol) , that use to bother me a lot. Once I got to my senior year of high school, my mindset switched and I came to the conclusion “I don’t care what people think”. I accepted where I felt like my flaws were and started to embrace them. I began to wear my hair in an afro because it’s what I  wanted. It seemed like every year my confidence increased. Now no one or anything can bother me about my perception of my own beauty!

SYT: What is your personal definition of beauty?

Bev: Beauty = Confidence. They go hand and hand. When you walk around with confidence, you give off this glow and everyone takes notice!

SYT: Do you have a side hustle? If so tell us all about it.

Bev: I would say being a Youtube/Social Media Influencer and a Model are  “side hustles’ since I am still in school. I just started taking YouTube and modeling seriously and it has been so beneficial. I’ve always wanted to try it, but I was so busy with school and running track I didn’t have the time. Ever since I stopped running I realized how much more time I had and wanted something to do that I could enjoy. I really really enjoy creating content and seeing how it inspires others and the positivity it brings. My biggest reason for pursuing modeling and YouTube is wanting black women to see more women in the world that look like them and have hair just like them! I want to “normalize” seeing black women literally EVERYWHERE!

SYT: What advice would you give to other girls on growing their following?

Bev: My top two tips is to advertise yourself well and use hashtags. Advertising yourself means posting consistently, that doesn’t mean everyday but at least every couple days. The more you post the more interested people become. Also hashtags are a great way for people who don’t follow you to find you!

SYT: Products on your bathroom sink?

Bev: On my sink I have EcoStyler Aloe Vera Gel, a toothbrush for my edges, Burt’s Bees Orange Face Wash, Oats and Honey facial bar, Ambi fade cream, Pond’s Moisturizer. I have way too many hair products to even name !

SYT: Any ideas on how to change the status quo of influencers and open the door for more WOC to reach the same success as white influencers?

Bev: We have to support each other the best way we can and become one. I really feel like there is a divide among people who identify as fully black and people who identify as mixed. Some people who identify as black don’t really accept mixed people as being black. There’s also a divide in hair types as well. The best thing about black people is that we have a variety of skin tone and hair types so why not love them all! As long as we are divided, we will not be as successful because we are not building each other up. WOC need to wake up and realize that despite our differences we are the same!

SYT: Top 5 beauty products you can’t live without.

Bev: This is a hard one.

1) EcoStyler Aloe Very Gel

2.) Dollar Curl Club Curl Cream,

3.) Urban Hydration body gel, scrub, and body cream

4.) Fenty Beauty Highlighters

5.) Steve Laurant Blush in “I’m Blushing”

SYT: Song you currently have on repeat.

Bev: It’s a 3 way tie between “God is a Woman” by Ariana Grande, “Nuh Time.Tek Time” by DVSN, and “Freak Nasty” by Meg Thee Stallion

SYT: Anything else you would like us to know?

Bev: Don’t forget to check out my YouTube channel “The Curly Bev Show” and subscribe! Also if you are a business owner and would love to collab, feel free to message me on IG (@curlybeviie)!

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